10 Proven Things in SEO, which will work this year and in the future too.

SEO is critical for the success of any brand, it not only helps to get traffic to the website but also the business. Every brand will be putting their efforts into improving their organic positions by doing SEO for their website(s). Search Engines such as Google will keep updating their algorithms to give a better experience to their audience whenever they search for something in google.

For every person who is doing SEO, it is important to know what are the best practices to follow and what to avoid as part of their SEO strategy. Avoiding the bad techniques as part of their SEO strategy also helps them to improve their Organic rankings.

Blacklinko analyzed over 11.8 million search results and came up with the findings. Here is the list of some of the Important SEO Strategies which are critical for the success of SEO and to drive Organic traffic as per their analysis.

  1. Page Loading Speed is not a critical Factor: Yes, it is true that large loading time is not a very important factor to get first-page google rankings, when Google announced that they are considering the page load time as an important factor in July 2018, they have officially clarified that it will impact only the websites that give the slowest experience to the users, so until unless your website is the slowest, you need not worry about the loading time. to rank on the first page, you need a “good enough” speed. You don’t really need to be the fastest, but really just get to that threshold level.
Page Loading Speed is not a critical Factor for SEO

2. Back Links from Multiple sites boosts the organic rankings: If you are the one trying to get multiple backlinks to your website, it is the time to rethink your SEO strategy. It is always good to have 10 backlinks from 10 websites than 10 links from a single website.

Back Links from Multiple sites boosts the organic rankings:

3. Title Tags are Still Important: It is been found that Title tags are playing a critical role since 65% to 80% of the search results which appeared on the First page contains the keyword used for searching. However, Keyword optimized title tags don’t have much impact on the results.

Title Tags are Still Important:

4. The header tags will lose effectiveness when stuffed with keywords: H1 tags are very important factors to boost your organic rankings. But when H1 tags are stuffed with the keywords with the intention of improving the SEO results, they have found not much effective.

Header Tags are good but don't stuff them with keywords:

5. Schema markup doesn’t directly impact the rankings: We have seen that most of the websites started implementing schema markup to get rich snippets in search results. though it hs its own advantage, it is been found that using schema markup doesn’t really impact the organic rankings.

Schema markup doesn't directly impact the rankings

6. Backlinks, are still effective: On-page SEO is worth the effort. But it’s just the ticket to entry. To rank for anything you need backlinks. And lots of them. Getting backlinks is one of the main factors to improve SEO rankings, even though this is where most spamming techniques are implemented by Search engine optimizes. backlinks found that the #1 results has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than the results rankings #2-#10.

Backlinks, they are still effective

7. Comprehensive Content is the winner: Putting comprehensive content on the website plays a higher role and directly impacts the organic rankings, there is a clear correlation between “Content Grade” and Google rankings in both desktop and mobile results.

Comprehensive Content is the winner


This article content is taken from the backlink study and kept here as a summary. Please click here for the full article. Do you think any other element is missing in this study that is working for your SEO, please comment below?

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