5 Things SME’s must do for better ROI from their Digital Marketing Campaigns

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In this Digital Marketing world, Most brands started investing in digital marketing as a medium and putting a lot of efforts to drive better ROI from their campaigns, It is not an exception for Small Businesses & SMEs as well. Along with reaching the right audience, at right time and finally getting customer acquisition is the highest possible results of any digital marketing plan for any SME. Considering the lower marketing dollars, Small Businesses & SMEs are particular about their outcome which is acquiring the customer through their digital marketing activities.

Large companies and brands with huge marketing dollars will deploy larger marketing agencies & hire professions to manage their digital marketing activities, and even a Small Businesses & SMEs will try to do their own marketing activities to get “a sale” again. Both SMEs and the Large companies have the same goal as acquiring customer through digital marketing activities but with the different set of resources. Hence it is important for the SME’s to plan and utilize their marketing budgets properly for best ROI from their digital marketing efforts. Below are some of the important things that SME’s need to consider while planing their digital marketing activities.

  1. Set up Realistic Goals: one of the most important thing to consider is to setup realistic goals which are achievable. SME’s need to start setting up and adjusting the goals according to their current situation, capacity & circumstances, instead trying to become the market leader as soon as they inter into the market. Adjusting the goals as they grow will surely get them there.
  2. Dont Copy Big Brands: In most cases, for any a successful social media campaign of a giant company will have Commercial, run hashtag campaign around it, may be offering free gifts for specific set of tasks and influencer marketing which would have engaged well-paid celebrities to talk about the campaigns on digital channels such as Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. It is not a great idea to copy them since consumer mindset will be different when they are interacting with a gaint brand and the campaign of your small business. SME’s should think of their own ways on how uniquely you can engage with the same audience through their digital marketing campaigns, it will be a great thing even if they can engage with fewer set of the audience, instead trying to reach everyone when they are not interested withe brand or service.
  3. Keep doing Experiments: As an SME, you need to take a little risk in your digital marketing efforts to find new ways of engaging with the audience. If you don’t allow your digital marketing team to do atleast fewer experiments, to be vulnerable to test new ideas, your progress will slow down over the period of time. And it might be too late by then. No one can help.
  4. Brand Awareness is key: The biggest mistake most SMEs do is that they forget the brand awareness in their digital marketing plans, thinking that its a waste of marketing money since it wont give them immediate sales, without realizing that awareness is also need to considered as an ROI from their digital marketing campaigns. Imagine you in place of your consumer: Will you buy something from a brand that you don’t know or don’t trust?, even if they offer some discount? – Then why do you want people to buy from you before establishing a connection with them?
  5. Marketing Needs Money: When you are planning any digital marketing campaign for your SME, it is important to know your budgets and realize that one SEO resource and couple of facebook posts alone can’t build your brand and drive awareness for the digital campaign you are planning. Every stage of any digital marketing campaign will need a different approach and resources to manage the campaign.

As an SME, If you plan for your growth in progressive way without copying others, along with identifying new and innovative ways to impact your consumers with the limited marketing dollars you have, You can definitely build better brand and ROI from your digital marketing campaigns.

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