7 Key Things to Avoid on your website to stay away from Google Penalty: Bad SEO Practices

If SEO is an easy thing, everybody will do it. The reason for why SEO is not easy is there is no predefined formula for SEO, every website requires a unique formula, it comes from improvements in the strategy, learning on the go. If you consider SEO as the key element in Digital Marketing Strategy, here are the 7 important things that google hate to see on any website, hence they should be avoided in your SEO strategy.

  1. Duplicate Content: When you have a unique content, it improves the visibility. Duplicate content will not get visibility hence nobody sees it, no one shares it and nobody does anything with it. When it has nothing, Google hates that content. when it has nothing in these 3. When you need visibility, you should avoid using duplicate content on your website. If you are referring a quote or addressing some part of the content from other article (whenever it is required) is fine but having the duplicated content as most of your web page content is a big no no. Incase, if you use any content from other sources, make sure you credit the source or.

duplicate content in seo

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Having Duplicate content on websites is listed as one of the a Top 5 issues of SEO in a an audit conducted by Raven’s site auditor and there is 25-30% of the content is duplicated as per mattcutts.

Neilpatel written a very useful article on dealign with duplicate content which can be read here

  1. Showing Different Content to Google and Website Visitor:

The Practice of showing different content for users and search engines which is also called as clocking, is existing from time when SEO started, and I still see many websites doing this. It might be hiding some content to search engines or adding more keywords in the same text color as background or using text behind the images or many be in any other form, it continues. As the technology is improving, Search Engine algorithms are becoming more and more smart and started identifying this kind kind of content, if you are one of the brand/person doing this, it is time to put a full stop for cloaking.

  1. Getting Low Quality Links to the website:

We all know the important of links to any website, they might be internal or external links pointing to your website.  Search engines uses the links to determine the webpages and also links help search engines to understand how well the page can be ranked in search results and for which search term. 5 or 6 years before, all the links are given weight by search engines, depending on page rank and the relevancy of the link, like everything is changing in this digital marketing world, google started detecting and penalizing the websites with low quality links or the spam links.  It is important to start getting high quality links as part of your SEO strategy and make sure that there are no low quality or spam backlinks at the same time.

  1. Stay Away from Cheap SEO Practices:

Like I mentioned in the beginning, SEO has no formula and there is no fixed strategy for doing seo. Ever after Google started considering 100+ factors to determine the rankings, we still see those so called Top SEO companies guaranteeing rankings as part of their Standard SEO Packages, which means that they don’t even understand how the Search Engines Work and they don’t understand your brand before doing any seo activity.

Cheap seo practices to aviod

You need to work with a partner who understands your brand, competition and most importantly understand the quality of the content but not by looking at the first page rankings they are committing for x number of keywords in 3 months or 4 months.

  1. Link Farms:

Link farm is a method where different set of websites decide to link back to each other so that all of them can get indexed by Google and rain rankings together. Though requesting a webmaster who write a lot of unique content about the business to services related to your product/service is a great thing for SEO, it is never recommend to get links from the websites with network where all the websites will get links to each other without having any relevancy between each other.

  1. Keyword stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is one of the most used SEO Practice by Digital Markers and also most important thing that Google Hates. Gone the days when Search Engines used to rank the websites where they used to rank the web pages by the number of times that exact match keyword is used in a particular webpages. Search Engines are now not giving importance to the keywords most used in a webpage, they started looking at many other metrics such as user engage on the site like bounce rate, comments/social shares that a page has and also the no links quality links that page is getting links from along with the variations of the keywords that are hyper linked and used on the webpage.

  1. Forgetting to Optimize the Images:

One the Most Ignored Part in SEO is Optimizing the images. Any SEO Professional should not leave any opportunity to improve their SEO Rankings and Optimizing the Images is one of the key element in this. When Uploading images to the website, don’t forget to rename the file asper the topic of the content in the image and the content where you are uploading the image, and add the relevant alt text as well along with the image , instead of random file name such image123.

optimizing the images for seo


There are many Practices that every SEO Should do and Should not do, the 7 points listed here are some of them only. It is important that Digital Marketing Experts are practicing the best practices which are ethical and not run after those quick ranking factors which can penalize them in the long run.

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