7 Things for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

With the entire world going digital, building a successful digital marketing strategy is of the paramount importance. Though the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, it is critical to start building the strategy by researching and understanding consumer behavior irrespective of what channel or platform you use to reach the audience.

7 Things for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

The platform itself presents a unique challenge. With an ever-increasing choice of platforms, channels and ad formats while developing a digital marketing strategy, the most challenging task is to identify the correct platform to use.

Below are some of the important things to understand which will let you help you to make a successful digital marketing strategy.

1. Clear understanding of Goals: Gone the days where the success of a campaign was measured by the number of page views or website visits.

Digital Marketing Goals

Success of a Campaign now is measured by qualitative metrics such as time spent on the website, pages visited, bounce rate, leads, sales etc. Since Digital is only medium that will get conversions, consideration and awareness, one needs to be very sure about understanding the goal of the campaign that is being worked upon.

2. Identify the audience: People who buy a product or service share certain characteristics – identifying these prospects is the 1st step of putting together a customer profile. This will often include age, gender, location, interest, income level, marital status, occupation, family (with or without children) etc. Market Research also needs to be done by conducting surveys, interviews and Q & A Sessions to understand the audience.

Audience Identification in Digital Marketing

 3.  Be Committed:

Be Committed

Every digital marketing campaign requires proper commitment to for it to be successful, just being involved will never make a campaign successful. Clear roles need to be defined for every individual team member and all individuals need to be putting their best foot forward together as team and the results need to be monitored constantly to achieve success.

4.    Mobile First: With more than 80% people being present on mobile devices, priority needs to be given to the same. The old-school style of better website content, design and experience for desktop trend is long outdated, and if any business is still following the same, it is time to change.

Mobile First Approach In Digital Marketing

5.      Experimenting and A/B Testing:

AB Testing in Digital Marketing

Though it is important to learn from previous campaigns and other brands, one should never be afraid of experimenting to reach out to potential prospects on different channels with different messages. It is through experimentation that one can figure out what works with the target audience and what doesn’t.


6.      Understand the Competition: It is very important to understand where do one stands compared to competition – the strengths and weaknesses of the brand compared to competition; this will give more insights on the marketing strategy to take on the competition with the right message. So, analysis of the competition to feed it in the marketing plan is vital.

7.      Be Flexible:

Every marketing strategy should be open for reviews and revisions –

Be Flexible - Plan A vs Plan B

remember, in this digital world, a digital marketing campaign execution need be considered as a process not just a plan; one can’t afford to have static plans which are not open for regular revisions based on the performance and consumer feedback’s coming in like social media responses and comments on the website.

Feel free to comment or message me if you feel that there is something important I missed here, I would love to edit and include it.

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