Using Custom Audience Targeting  with Facebook Ads? –  You must pledge this

Facebook Custom Audiences is one of the most Powerful tool for marketers where they can upload the the data of their customer/purchaser/lead in the form of email address or mobile number. Once any advertiser uploads their custom audience data in Facebook ad console, Facebook will  be encrypting the data and set the campaigns to reach the audience if the custom audience details matches with the data with the user profiles. Most brands used to Create a lookalike audience from their Custom Audience to help reach people similar to their customers to increase their ROI from their adverting spend.

Facebook Custom Audience
Facebook Custom Audience

But now, Facebook has announced changes to the policy for its advertisers so that the personal information of the customer information of the advertisers is not misused. In this new transparency feature, Facebook users will get to know who(which advertiser) is using their email address/mobile number to reach him thru custom audience targeting in their ad campaigns.

In this new transparency feature, Facebook, the leading social media and social networking service company is making it is mandatory  to advertisers to pledge that they had permission to upload a user’s phone number or email address for ad targeting. This information will be revealed to users when ever they want to see.

using custom Audience targeting to reach the audience is very critical to digital marketers and advertisers, we still need wait and see what actions will be taken if the advertisers are not pledging or giving wrong information to Facebook since this  feature will start rolling out starting February 28.

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This is active now in Facebook: Facebook is now asking the asvertisers to  accepting terms.

Things to Know About Custom Audiences
Here’s what you should keep in mind when you share and use Custom Audiences:
To use Custom Audiences, you must be: an advertiser, an agency or data provider acting on behalf of an advertiser, or an Ads API or Custom Audiences API partner.
Advertisers and those who run ads on their behalf are ultimately responsible for acknowledging their permission to share and use people’s data.
You are accepting terms on behalf of the Company 


Facebook Custom Audience new guidelines march 2019

Facebook Custom Audience new rules with agreement
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