Google Doodle Video Trending without Showing number of Views

Came across a video that is trending today without having any views, just thought of sharing it here since it is a google doodle video. If you see the screenshot below, you will see all the below videos and above the video which is trending 1st also having videos where as the  “Earth Day 2018 Google Doodle” video is trending in 2nd place without showing any number of views. I am seeing this from 24hours may be from the time it is uploaded.

Earth Day 2018 Google Doodle

Then, i tried clicking on the video to see how many views it receive to appear in trending videos, but it doesn’t show any view count even when the video is playing.

Earth Day 2018 Google Doodle Trending in YT without views

When i see the view count is not showing in the video, i tried searching for more details this and found all the google doodle videos(in google doodle YouTube channel) what are posted from last one year, doesn’t have any view count showing however, some of videos posted before one year showing the view count for few videos, which were highlighted below.

google doodle - youtube channel

We all know that every videos should have certain number of views in specific time period(though no body knows the algorithm) , Now, the question is why the videos posted in google doodle YouTube channel doesn’t have the view count but still trending in YouTube? do you think you tube has separate algorithm for separate channels? will google modify algorithm for the videos they own?

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