Impact of Short-form Video Advertising in Digital Marketing – 4 Key things to Consider
Impact of short form video ads

Video Promotion is the second most effective medium to drive ROI from marketing initiatives (just behind Search Engine Marketing, which captures the highest intent in the buying cycle of consumer journey). As such, this makes video a vital part of marketing activities. This is one of the biggest reasons for brands increasing their digital advertising budgets, predominantly led by Video Promotion which includes long and short form video ads.

Since the Launch of Bumper ads in 2016, short-form video ads have started becoming increasingly popular year on year and as such, will be a key focus area for any brand globally in 2019.  A Survey Conducted by MediaScience showed that a 6-second video can boost effectiveness by 60% of what can be achieved by a 30-second video. Since the Short form ads comes at much lower cost then long format ads, Brands and Marketers slowly started adopting short-format ads as part of their marketing strategies.  

Brands are considering short-form video advertising as complementary to existing media investments, rather than an outright replacement for the main campaign, which will help reinforce the brand message.

With the additional focus on short-form video ads this year, here are the few key things to consider when creating them for better effectiveness and ROI from your Advertising Budgets

  1. Tailor Your content for the target audiences: With a wide range of video streaming platforms with on-the go video content consumption, it is very important to grab users’ attention with the content customised for the audience targeted.
  2. Give weight for social media:  With most people spending their maximum time online on social media, it is critical to reach the audience where they are. There are Multiple ad formats are available to promote videos on various social media channels such as Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snap ads, etc.
  3. Keep the Campaign Look Fresh: Brands can use short-form ads for sequencing the videos in different ways and show various cuts of the ads, thereby keeping the campaign fresh.
  4. Limit it to Single Purpose: Short-form video ads will not have much time to tell about the entire story of the Brand, Product, etc. Hence, it is important to use the message in a smart way and having a single and simple purpose will play a critical role to make the ad performance better.

Short-form video ads will be driving great top of mind awareness of a brand and mainly in the markets where mobile is leading the internet short format ads are great assets for the digital advertising.

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