Introduction, Benefits and Limitations of Programmatic Guaranteed

Since the time media buying started, marketers have commonly engaged with publishers directly to buy premium/specific ad inventory on websites that they feel is correct platform to reach their prospect customers. As technology is changing the dynamics of media buying, they have started buying their advertising inventory through programmatic buying, which is one of the most efficient ways to reach audience at scale.

But this is where the problem lies – these two types of digital ad-buys (Publisher and Programmatic) will not go together, especially when we need to measure the effectiveness of the entire campaign together to optimize the performance; this is predominantly because digital marketers are not using a single and streamlined system, which leads to losing out effectiveness of media buying.

Consolidating media buys through Programmatic Guaranteed

Consolidating media buys through Programmatic Guaranteed is the most effective way to address this concern. With Programmatic, advertisers and agencies get access to their direct buy inventory (premium guaranteed inventory) with several benefits such as cross-campaign optimization and frequency management across action based programmatic buying and reservation inventory through programmatic guaranteed. Therefore, it is the most optimal way to buy media inventory.

There are 3 Main Advantages of consolidating Reservation Buys with DSP.

  1. Controlling Frequency
  2. Control Over Transparency
  3. Operational Advantages
  1. Controlling Frequency: Consolidating Media buying helps to better control the frequency across all buying channels to achieve higher ROI by controlling the over exposure to the same user.

Benefits of Programmatic Direct - Controlling Frequency thru Programmatic Guaranteed 

 A Google study with Neilsen revealed that there is 10% more frequency than the average (which went up-to 28% in some cases); this budget can be spent to reach out to new audiences.

  1. Control Over Transparency:

With Programmatic Guaranteed, one can add some more critical targeting to reach the most relevant audience – mainly first-party data such as re-targeting website visitors and adding behavioural targeting such as in-market or affinity.

Programmatic Guaranteed Benefits - Control Over Transparency

  1. Operational Efficiency: Since this is available for both publishers and advertisers, it saves the manual time spent on processing or handling IOs (Insertion Orders) and invoices across multiple publishers for advertisers.

Programmatic Guaranteed Benefits - Operational Efficiency

To be Programmatic Guaranteed in Summary:

Programmatic Guaranteed in Summary

What are the limitations of using Programmatic Direct?

  1. Initially, there is nervousness to try Programmatic because it is new but after trying it for 1 or 2 campaigns, it will be more useful. This problem is very common since it takes time for people to adapt and adopt any innovative technology.
  1. OTT inventory is not available yet; Google is trying to get OTT’s to get them embedded in Programmatic Guaranteed it looks like it takes some more time.
  1. It is not possible to add viewability metrics yet in Programmatic Guaranteed.
  1. Like direct publisher buying, sometimes the cost of media buying is expensive through Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

(Inputs and Screenshots from Google Webinar: Media Buying Consolidation: A Winning Strategy)

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