Programmatic Direct:  The Benefits of Consolidating Media Buys on a Single Platform

In my previous article about programmatic Programmatic direct, I have covered the basics of programmatic Guaranteed such as Introduction, Benefits, and Limitations of Programmatic Guaranteed. Since Programmatic advertising has become an integral part of most digital marketers like. In this article, we will discuss the importance of consolidating media buys on a single platform i.e programmatic direct platforms.

With Programmatic Guaranteed, advertisers and media owners can transact both reservation and open auction media buys programmatically using a single platform. This means advertisers get one view of all their buys across a campaign, allowing them to more effectively control reach and frequency so they get better results. And advertisers and media owners each benefit from a simpler and more efficient workflow.

Google worked with Nielsen and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to quantify the benefits of this technology for advertisers, agencies and media owners. Across 10 global campaigns, Google found that the consolidated ad buying approach offered by Programmatic Guaranteed drove an 11% increase in reach efficiency. This means that marketers in the Nielsen study reached 11% more unique consumers — without increasing their campaign investment — when using Programmatic Guaranteed compared to a siloed approach where reservation and open auction buys were transacted and managed separately.

Increase in reach efficiency

Buyers and sellers also save significant time when using Programmatic Guaranteed: from insertion order to billing, agency marketers in the BCG study spent 29% less time on set-up and ongoing management of campaigns
compared to traditional reservations. Media owners in the BCG study spent 57% less time on set-up and ongoing management of Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns compared to traditional reservations.

efficiency using programmatic guaranteed

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