Programmatic Direct:  The Benefits of Consolidating Media Buys on a Single Platform

Why buying media in silos leads to sub-optimal results

The challenge for advertisers is that when you use both open auction and tag reservation buys for the same campaign, you are likely reaching some consumers more often than you intend. This means that you are wasting ad dollars that could otherwise be applied to increase the reach of your campaign.

As an example, consider a tag reservation that’s running at the same time as an open auction buy. To reach a consumer five times, most marketers would set a frequency goal of five for each type of ad buy. But this means you’d actually reach some people up to ten times. You could try to correct for this by setting a frequency of three for your tag reservations and two for your open auction buy — but while you may get it right and reach some
consumers five times, your overall average frequency will likely fall short of your goal because the two systems are not communicating with each other.

Traditional tag reservation
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