Programmatic Direct:  The Benefits of Consolidating Media Buys on a Single Platform

By contrast, when you buy open auction inventory and run direct deals through a single platform like Display & Video 360, you gain control of the overall frequency across the campaign. The auction-based part of the campaign will take the Programmatic Guaranteed deals into account when deciding whether to buy an impression. So, in the scenario described above, the open auction buy won’t serve any ads to a consumer who’s already been reached five times via the Programmatic Guaranteed deal. This frees up budget dollars that can be used to increase campaign reach — or re-captured for improved campaign efficiency.

Programmatic guaranteed with Display & Video 360

From a process and workflow standpoint, managing multiple types of ad buys in parallel for the same campaign also creates operational waste for agencies, marketers, and publishers (e.g. duplicate work on budgeting, forecasting, creative reviews and other tasks for the tag reservation and open auction buys). Collectively, this ‘extra’ work adds up to a substantial amount of time that could be spent on other higher-impact initiatives.

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