Programmatic Direct:  The Benefits of Consolidating Media Buys on a Single Platform

Better performance with Programmatic Direct

Google consistently heard from advertisers that using Programmatic Guaranteed instead of traditional reservation deals drives better performance. To quantify the benefits, google ran head-to-head tests for 10 campaigns that covered more than 160 million impressions for large global advertisers in five different verticals. Each of the 10 campaigns
studied was split into two parts:

Control (siloed): Google ran traditional tag reservation deals through Campaign Manager and an open auction buy in Display & Video 360.

Test (consolidated): Google ran Programmatic Guaranteed deals alongside an open auction buy — both in Display & Video 360.

Google used Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to compare the overall reach and frequency of each of the two campaign approaches. The results showed that by consolidating direct ad buys in Display & Video 360 using Programmatic
Guaranteed, marketers reached more consumers for the same impression and investment levels, while limiting wasted frequency through overexposure. Across the 10 campaigns measured, Google saw an 11% increase in reach efficiency (net new unique audiences) when brands used a consolidated ad buying approach versus a siloed approach.

11% Increase in reach efficiency

The chart below shows average ad frequency for the Test and Control groups across the 10 campaigns studied. The data shows how a small reduction in frequency (overexposure) can be redirected to deliver more campaign reach.

Ad frequency for population aged 13+ for Control and Test groups across
the 10 campaigns studied as measured by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.
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