Programmatic Direct:  The Benefits of Consolidating Media Buys on a Single Platform

Faster ad buying execution with Programmatic guaranteed

In addition to their desire to optimize reach and frequency across direct and open auction buys, we often hear from advertisers that their teams spend too much time on the operational tasks tied to executing deals. And this isn’t unique to advertisers — media owners also tell us they would like their ad ops teams to be spending less time on campaign set-up and troubleshooting, and more time on improving performance. To see just how much Programmatic Guaranteed increases operational efficiency, we partnered with Boston Consulting Group to perform a value chain analysis (which included mapping workflows and timing different process steps) across 40 agencies, marketers, and publishers globally that use Programmatic Guaranteed.

The report concluded that Programmatic Guaranteed deals were 29% more efficient — measured in terms of time spent on set-up and ongoing management — compared to traditional tag-based reservations among agency and marketer participants in the study. For publishers, the operational efficiency gains were even greater, reaching 57%. The report found that there was a significant waste, inefficiency, and potential value left on the table when agencies and media owners transacted tag-based reservations. There are a number of reasons for this — including the fact
that buyers and media owners are often looking at different data about the transaction, which can lead to confusion and discrepancies that need to be resolved. The lack of an automated execution platform also creates complicated handoffs between teams which leads to a greater potential for error.

Programmatic Guaranteed vs. Traditional reservations:
57% time savings for publishers and 29% for agencies…

Average process time and savings (hours per campaign)

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