What is Predictive Marketing and what are the Advantages of it?
Predictive Marketing
Predictive Marketing

Consumer trends and purchase behavior is changing very frequently in today’s digital-first behavior, hence the brands also started to change their marketing tactics to attract the consumer in multiple places to attract those behaviors that can change at a moment’s notice. therefore, that the next wave of marketing technology solutions is focusing more on what customers will do than focusing on what consumers are doing now. With the increased adoption of new technologies such as Machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data science, etc. predicting customers’ next steps is no longer a novel tactic, predictive marketing is more popular and more possible than ever before.

How Predictive Marketing helps the Brands?

Adopting to Predictive Marketing by using AI and machine learning capabilities mean that your marketing will only get smarter as it takes on larger volumes of data from increasingly complex consumer journeys. Brands will get many benefits by using Predictive marketing, the benefits include,

Better marketing ROI: Predicting Marketing helps brands to improve their ROI from they marketing activities because it not only learns from the previous data about the customer and their purchase behavior but also it predicts Which channel is likely to connect with my customer when they are ready to buy? or which channel influences them the most in the purchase cycle.

Make multiple scenarios: the olden ways of doing trial and error with the name of experiences by investing in marketing dollars are no longer effecting this dynamic customer behavior. There are few Media Planning Tools which will allow the brands to try multiple scenarios and see which combination of marketing investments are effective and drives more ROI with Predictive Marketing.

Track the campaign effectiveness in realtime: With Predictive Marketing, brands not only predict future performance but also track the performance of the campaigns in realtime allowing the brands to make changes to marketing tactics without losing a lot of money by waiting for the campaign to end to measure the performance.

By using data and predictive marketing for marketing initiatives, you’ll be able to increase the chances of your success with your marketing campaigns. Predictive marketing allows you to respond dynamically to customer behavior observed across multiple channels. with many productive marketing platforms out there, is not really difficult for the brands to implement predictive marketing.

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  1. Very nice. How can one track consumer journeys in a cookie less world that will be a reality in India too?

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