5 Killer storytelling tips to connect with customers with your brand

We are living in the world where there are 4 million blog posts everyday globally published in hundreds of categories in thousands of ways.

There is a lot of difference in your audience mind between   when you are showing then a beautiful presentation with lot of graphs versus you are explaining them the key points from the presentation in the form of story. Whenever you tell your story in the right way, you might be overwhelmed by the kind of responsibilities you get from your customers or readers. Good thing to take a note is that Everyone loves a good story and they become the ambassadors of your story if it is narrating well. Human brains retain information more effectively when it is delivered in the story form compared with a statistical form.

In today’s post, I’ve listed the 5 killer tips for storytelling which will make your customers connected with you or your brand.

1. Tell the Truth: There are many ways to tell the story but the only thing that connects with the audience no matter how you say is that the Truth behind the start of your brand which might be a strong idea, insight or passion. You cannot tell the truth with one single page on your website where you write the full story on vision, mission, values in a page.

2. Relate to Your Target Audience: People will get more curious and connected when it is related to their problem or when it is related to their behavior, it gets even more interesting when it pays attention to their ego which will directly influence the decision making in most cases.

3. Make your Audience imagine: As a brand,when you understand the problem or need of your audience and have solution for their problem or need. Any brand story is connected well when you make your audience imaging the solution while you are telling your brand story, that makes them connected more with your brand.

4. Avoid Complication: According to one of the study conducted by Harvard business review, What consumers want from marketers is, simply, simplicity. Simplicity is the single biggest drives to make the audience stick with the brand. Shifting the storytelling orientation which will help consumers confidently complete the purchase journey is a great change which is never been an easy thing for the brands and marketers since it flex new muscles and rethink how they craft their communications in such a way make the audience connect with the brand.

5. Build Emotional Connect: Connecting with the audience emotionally is one of the most efficient strategy in the story telling  process since 90 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously  (as per the search done by ispo).Here  the deciding factor will be the emotions and memories associated with that product. The higher the intensity of that emotion, the greater the chance of selecting that product.

There are the key elements to consider while telling any brand or product story with the audience, combining these 5 elements in your story telling will help you take the your brand to the next level in the age of the connected customer.

Veerender loves Marketing and Technology. Veerender spent first ten years of his career were spent in various digital marketing roles. As a curious guy who loves to learn, unlearn, relearn, veerender have explored almost everything in digital marketing and Martech. Veerender started his career as a backlinks builder as a part-time role and moved on to lead digital strategy for some of the biggest brands in India and to become one of the national level award winners as a top digital media planner in India. In these 10 years as a digital marketer, Veerender has worked with more than 50 brands doing various digital marketing roles such as Digital Media Strategy, Digital Media Planning, Digital Media Buying, social media marketing, e-commerce, SEO, Paid Marketing, Campaign Management, Martech adviser, etc. After 10 years of his experience as a digital marketer, Veerender now moved on to the product strategy role, trying to solve one of the biggest problems faced by marketers with an AI-based solution. Along with Product Marketing, in this role, Veerender defines the product direction, creates product roadmaps, and works with the team as a player-coach, to execute the roadmap. Veerender is now leading the product team and overseeing the entire lifecycle of a product, setting the strategic vision, and defining the “why,” “how,” and “when” of what gets built.