5 Programmatic Advertising Platforms every Advertiser must try

Over the last 3 to 4 years, Brands started exploring Programmatic Advertising and It has become almost mandatory for most brands. Programmatic Advertising not only drives a lot of efficiencies while reaching the audience but also scalability of the digital marketing campaigns compared to any traditional or non-programmatic advertising.

If you want to know about what is programmatic advertising and the pros and cons of programmatic advertising, Please go through this article.

There are a lot of programmatic advertising platforms available in the market for advertisers, however, here is the list of top 5 programmatic buying platforms every digital marketer must try and get experience by learning from each platform and how it works.

  1. Display and Video 360: Display and Video 360 aka Double Click Bid Manager(DBM) is part of Google’s Marketing Platforms which is the largest programmatic platform using by the majority of the digital markers to reach their audience. Google Describes Display and Video 360 as ..

Take control of your campaigns. Work smarter with end-to-end campaign management for enterprises in one tool — from media planning and creative development to measurement and optimization.

Display and Video 360 - Programmatic Advertising Platform

Having one of the largest networks of publishers(AdSense subscribed publishers ), Android users, and Google Chrome, Google gets a lot of data from all the sources which makes them strong as strong Programmatic Platform now and in the future too. Display and Video 360 has the strongest technology in identifying and controlling ad fraud and brand safety. Obviously DV360 is the market leader however with a lot of new platforms coming up every month/year it is slowly started losing the market share to other platforms. Anyone can contact the Display and Video 360 sales team directly or contact their partners listed on their websites to get access to their programmatic advertising platform.

2. MediaMath: SOURCE by MediaMath is another programmatic platform worth exploring. MediaMath claims itself as they help the advertisers reach real humans, instead of bots, keeping the bot impressions as one of the primary disadvantages in mind.

TubeMogul switches on platform for programmatic TV buys | Campaign US

MediaMath Operates in different ways, even though the campaign managers are bidding and buying the inventory through realtime bidding, they offer fixed CPM to the actual advertisers. It might be different countries, but here in India, they have sales partners who sell inventory on fixed CPM costs. MediaMath has its sales teams in the US and few other countries, however, they work with their partners in most countries to create accounts and give access to their programmatic advertising platform for advertisers and run campaigns.

This is what media math claims what they are .

Are You Ready for Radical Transparency?
A modern, omnichannel media buying platform connected to a redesigned ecosystem to benefit advertisers, publishers, tech providers, and consumers.

3. TubeMogul: Another good programmatic which is specialized in realtime inventory for video advertising. TubeMogul was acquired by Adobe and they claim themself as.

TubeMogul - programmatic  advertising platform

TubeMogul as a tool for video producers who could use the platform to distribute video and track performance across the Web. With its unified DSP, TubeMogul makes Visualising the Omnichannel performance Unique. While Youtube is most used by all segments of brands such as small, medium, and large enterprises, TubeMogul is most used by Medium to Large scale companies. The UI of this Programmatic advertising platform is a little slow compared to other platforms and there are many improvement opportunities for the platform in a few important places such as frequency capping, daily impression cap, etc Interested candidates can book a demo on their official website to explore how their programmatic platform and know more about them.

Where programmatic meets media. All media.
Adobe has the only independent ad platform that unifies and automates all media, screens, data, and creativity at scale. So the days of siloed media are finally over.

4. AppNexus: AppNexus has become one of the trusted programmatic platforms for many advertisers, some of the reasons for this are their ability to introduce new capabilities, cost efficiency, and transparency.

AppNexus - Programmatic Advertising Platform

AppNexus uses machine learning in their realtime billing which enables publishers to maximize yield, and marketers and agencies to harness data and machine learning to deliver intelligent and customized campaigns. This AT&T owned Programmatic advertising offers many benefits to its partners and advertisers with its easy to navigate User interface and benefits in the costs. Go to their official website and contact them to get access to their programmatic buying tool.

5. PubMatic: PubMatic is one of the good programmatic advertising platforms which give great monetization capabilities for content creators(publishers) and better return on investment for advertisers.

PubMatic - Programmatic advertising platform

Pubmatic stands out for their unique ad formats and other technologies they use their platform. Like any other programmatic advertising platform, they also claim that they bring transparency to the buyer and sellers. Their cutting-edge solutions enable content providers to utilize their digital media assets and provide consumers with personalized advertising experience. If you are interested in learning how Pubmatic can help your organization, you can fill out the form on their website and they will contact you for the demo .

Apart from these 5, there are many more Programmatic Advertising Platforms worth exploring, these 5 tools are my favorites among all the platforms I have tried so far which has decent reach with them which can be sufficient to run medium to large budget campaigns using programmatic advertising.

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