5 New Age Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Success

In this Rapidly Growing digital marketing world, digital marketers are constantly witnessing a lot of changes starting from new consumers coming online, new content providers reach those consumers and new ad formats to attract the attention of the consumers, etc, etc. All of them are making the life of the Digital marketing teams complicated to work on their marketing plans.

In the early stage of digital marketing, attracting the consumer was not so difficult but now with a log of changes to the platform and new innovations leading to the change in consumer behavior also. Now consumer’s behavior is unpredictable since they starting interacting with brands as per their convenience across multiple channels, multiple touchpoints and devices on the same/different time intervals.

Change in the consumer behavior and the way content providers are attracting the customers has made it challenging to track the effectiveness of their media campaigns such as the path to purchase, measure the true effectiveness of media campaigns and allocate media spends to improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns

With so many challenges faced by new-age digital markers, here are the some of the strategies which marketers can do to drive success from their digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Understand the Consumers Media Consumers: The first step is to identify who is the right audience for the brand and trying to find out where do they spend their time on the internet, is there any new platforms arrived which are attracting your audience or any websites/platform that your no longer following (It can be as simple as a consumer would have moved to the new device such as the app) and brand is still planning to advertise on that platform?
  2. Create Experiences: With a continuous change in consumer behavior and the innovative ways content providers are reaching those audiences, It’s time for the marketers to also find out new ways to engage with the customers. Brands need to understand their consumer’s interests and what he is expecting from the brands and offer those experiences to the consumer at every stage in their journey.
  3. Segment Your Audience: The uniqueness of digital marketing over other traditional marketing channels such as Television or Radio, etc is the segmentation of the audience based on their internet behavior or content consumption. Brand need to stop reaching the audience on any channel because they have the maximum number of visitor compared to other channels in their category but try to narrow their targeting further to reach an only relevant audience.
  4. Solve Consumers Problem: brands need to start putting themself in consumer’s shoes and try to understand what kind of problems they are facing and what product will solve the problem. The only way marketers can make the consumers buy their brand/company product is by solving their problems.
  5. Don’t Just focus on Performance: One of the common mistakes that many digital marketers make is focusing on performance only and ignoring the impact of strengthening the brand proposition in the consumer’s minds. Marketers need to realize that each channel plays a critical role in the purchase decision in this dynamically changing consumers behaviour, focusing solely on the platforms that is directly showing conversions in their analytics platform is a suicidal for any brand, you need to analyse what channel is impacting the consumer in the purchase behaviour and add those channels in your marketing plans.

The traditional ways of reaching consumers and expecting them to purchase your product might not be efficient for the long term strategy of the brand. It is the responsibility of the digital marketing professionals to make their company get used to this new age digital marketing strategies to drive growth from their marketing channels.

Veerender loves Marketing and Technology. Veerender spent first ten years of his career were spent in various digital marketing roles. As a curious guy who loves to learn, unlearn, relearn, veerender have explored almost everything in digital marketing and Martech. Veerender started his career as a backlinks builder as a part-time role and moved on to lead digital strategy for some of the biggest brands in India and to become one of the national level award winners as a top digital media planner in India. In these 10 years as a digital marketer, Veerender has worked with more than 50 brands doing various digital marketing roles such as Digital Media Strategy, Digital Media Planning, Digital Media Buying, social media marketing, e-commerce, SEO, Paid Marketing, Campaign Management, Martech adviser, etc. After 10 years of his experience as a digital marketer, Veerender now moved on to the product strategy role, trying to solve one of the biggest problems faced by marketers with an AI-based solution. Along with Product Marketing, in this role, Veerender defines the product direction, creates product roadmaps, and works with the team as a player-coach, to execute the roadmap. Veerender is now leading the product team and overseeing the entire lifecycle of a product, setting the strategic vision, and defining the “why,” “how,” and “when” of what gets built.